When My Time Comes Discussion

Discussion among Diane Rehm, Diane Naughton, Joe Fab and Dr David Grube, medical director for Compassion & Choices; moderated by Anisa Mary Zvonkovic, Dean of the College of Health and Human Performance at East Carolina University

When My Time Comes Discussion (Virginia Film Festival)

Discussion among Diane Rehm, Diane Naughton, and Joe Fab; moderated by James Childress, Professor of Ethics and Religious Studies at the University of Virginia School of Medicine

Death Café

Diane Rehm speaks to an audience at the First Congregational Church of Falmouth, MA and attends a Death Café.

Death Cafe Interview

Diane Rehm speaks to Heather Massey, an end-of-life specialist, and attends Heather’s Death Café in Falmouth, MA.

Mary Klein’s Story (Full Version)

Extended sequence from WHEN MY TIME COMES, with Diane Rehm interviewing Stella Dawson-Klein about the death of her spouse, Mary Dawson-Klein.

Terry Stein’s Story

Diane Rehm interviews Chris Carmichael and Dr. Stephanie Marquet about Chris’s late spouse, Terry Stein.

Dr. Lonny Shavelson and Deborah Gatzek Kratter

Diane Rehm interviews Dr. Lonny Shavelson and patient Deborah Gatzek Kratter.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s Message

Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s 2016 message to the world in support of medical aid in dying.